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We bring good wine to your table.

Quality Greek bottled wine since 1964.

In constant cooperation with excellent winegrowers, our wines bring out the unique character of the Greek vineyard.



The history of Cellar wines dates back to 1964 when the first bottles are produced and the company makes its dynamic and pioneering entrance to the Greek market that is moving away from bulk consumption and is going into bottling. Cellar opts for select collaborations with well-known, established winegrowers, and becomes a pioneer in bottling"Protected Designation of Origin" wines.

The Cellar Mantineia (Moschofilero) and the Cellar Nemea (Agiorgitiko) wines have since become the worthy ambassadors of these vineyards and contributed to the prominence of their qualities.

In the 1970s, the Cellar Company manages to redefine rosé wine and upgrade its standing among white and red wines thanks to an advertising campaign titled "Cellar the Great Rosé". In the 1980s, the Cellar wines establish themselves at the dinner table with the promotional slogan "Nighttime requires Cellar".

Τα βράδια ζητάνε Cellar, ta vradia zitane Cellar

In 1998, a new generation of people takes over; people whose vision and know-how had been part of its workforce for a decade. They are called upon to continue its development with dedication and great respect to its history.


The Cellar wines modernise their appearance and further improve their quality.

New wines are created, with even higher quality and more attractive packaging.

The reward is the growing confidence of consumers and the international distinctions. In 2011, the Company proceeds with the construction of its privately-owned facilities (warehouses and offices) and with its own fleet of vehicles manages to cater to its customers better and faster.


Today, the Company employs qualified personnel and maintains its high standards when it comes to the quality of its products and services while it remains committed to keeping up this responsible attitude towards its consumers.



Our company has always been dedicated to three goals:

  • High quality wines

  • Wines produced in an environmentally friendly manner, with hygienic standards and safety

  • Affordable prices


We know full well that in order to achieve these goals what is required is constant effort to make progress which is what we so devotedly pursue.



By combining tradition with modern, specialised practices, we create special, innovative wines.

Starting with the vine, we choose grapes from homogeneous vineyards with moderate production in well drained soils with adequate depth, good ventilation and moderate fertility.

We pursue harvest dates while the grapes are in optimum maturation.

We see to their hygienic immediate transportation to the winery.

We take our grapes to pneumatic presses using exclusively controlled- temperature stainless steel tanks.

We use selected yeasts along with indigenous ones to achieve unique aromas and flavours.


We sterilise and filter our wines using natural methods.

In all our practices for the safety and hygiene of our wines we apply ISO 22000: 2005 quality and safety management system.


Our wines are stored in our facilities in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity, and thanks to our fleet of vehicles we promptly reach our customers.




Our inspirational wines have always been there to celebrate everyday moments and milestones of wine lovers. They have been their affordable luxury for years and combine the old with the new, the traditional with the modern, the classic with the innovative.

Όινος ερυθρός ξηρός cellar

Syrah Grenache Rouge

Red Varietal Dry Wine


This wine comes from bringing together two well-known foreign varieties, Syrah and Grenache Rouge, which have achieved their best expression while being cultivated in the Greek climate and soil. Vivid red in colour with purple hues, it releases a rich aroma of ripe fruit. It has a velvety taste of soft and elegant tannins with a pleasant aftertaste. Served at 16-18° C it perfectly pairs with red roasted meats, sweet sauces, yellow cheeses and cold cuts.


12%Vol., 750mΙ, GREEK PRODUCT

SilverMedal2017 copy.png
Οίνος ροζέ ξηρός Cellar

Syrah Grenache Rouge

Rosé Varietal Dry Wine


This wine is bright in colour with red hues. Quite fine in the nose with notes of strawberries, white heart cherries, apples and orange blossoms. In the mouth it is full with a refreshing acidity. White heart cherries, pomegranates, peaches and strawberries in combination with the long aftertaste create a wonderful set. It pairs with pasta, seafood risotto, fish and salty cheese. Served at 12-14° C.


12,5%Vol., 750mΙ, GREEK PRODUCT

Syrah Grenache Rouge
SilverMedal2017 copy.png
Ροδίτης Σαββατιανό Λευκός Ξηρός Cellar

Rhoditis Savatiano 

Varietal Dry White Wine


This wine comes from bringing together two classic Greek varieties, Savatiano and Rhoditis. Gold-yellow with green hues, it discreetly releases floral aromas, with refreshing acidity and liveliness in its flavour sustained by a rich body. Served at 8-12° C it ideally pairs with starters, poultry and white meats.


12%Vol., 750mΙ, GREEK PRODUCT

λευκό _new.png
SilverMedal2017 copy.png
ΡοδίτηςΜοσχοφίλερο λευκός Ξηρός Cellar

Rhoditis Moschofilero 

Varietal Dry White Wine


This wine comes from the “explosive” Moschofilero and the “mature” Rhoditis, combined at their best. It releases aromas of honey and ripe fruit blossoms. When it comes to taste, the intensity of acidity is balanced out by its rich body. Served at 8-10° C it ideally pairs with starters, oily fish, grilled meat and white cheeses.


12.5%Vol., 750mΙ, GREEK PRODUCT

SilverMedal2017 copy.png


Dry White Wine


This bright and highly aromatic wine comes from grapes of the vineyards of Mantineia. Light in colour with green hues, it releases sweet aromas of flowers and mature fruit, dominated by roses and lemon blossoms. It has a refreshing, balanced flavour, good structure and duration. It is served at 8-10° C and ideally pairs with fish, poultry and fruit.



SilverMedal2017 copy.png

Syrah Agiorgitiko 

Red Dry Wine


This wine comes from bringing together a famous Greek variety, Agiorgitiko, with an equally famous foreign variety, Syrah. It is dark red with purple hues, a rich body with tension and balance. Its aftertaste is elegant, pleasantly tannic with long duration. Served at 16-18° C it ideally pairs with roasted red meats, yellow cheeses, cold cuts and spicy meals.



Syrah-Αγιωργ copy.png
Syrah Αγιωργίτικο Cellar


Red Dry Wine


This complex wine comes from grapes of the vineyards in Ancient Nemea. It has aged for 12 months in oak barrels. It harmoniously combines the deep red colour of the variety with the hazel hues of ripening. The nose is filled with aromas of cinnamon, pepper, sour cherry and vanilla from the barrel. The flavour is fleshy and velvety from the soft and elegant tannins. Excellent aftertaste. Served at 16-18° C, it ideally pairs with red meats in sweet sauce, white cheeses, cold cuts and spicy meals.





Syrah Grenache Rouge 

Red Semisweet Wine

This wine has a purple colour, a rich aroma of ripe fruit and a velvety flavour. It pairs with cooked meat, cold cuts and soft cheese. Served at 12° C.


12%Vol., 750mΙ, GREEK PRODUCT

Ημιγλυκος copy.png
Syrah Grenache Rouge Cellar

Mavrodaphni of Patras 

Sweet Natural Wine of Patras 


Sweet natural wine aged in oak barrels. It has a red colour with rust red hues. It releases aromas of dried fruit, sour cherry and chocolate. Its taste is soft and fleshy with a lasting aftertaste. It is served as an aperitif at 12-14° C. It pairs with particular cheeses (roquefort), dried fruit (plums, figs), nuts and chocolate pastries.



Μαυροδάφνη Πατρών
Μαυροδάφνη Cellar
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